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Flowclear 2.95m x 2.06m Ground Cloth - BestwayEgypt
Flowclear 2.95m x 2.06m Ground Cloth - BestwayEgypt
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Flowclear 2.95m x 2.06m Ground Cloth


The Flowclear™ Ground Cloth is designed to protect your above ground pool from wear and tear caused by pebbly turf, pointy twigs and other ground debris. The ground cloths are simply placed on the spot you plan to set up your Bestway® pool. One of the benefits of the ground cloths is that they offer fantastic protection for your lawn. If water spills over the edge of the pool, it simply accumulates on the surface, saving you from sinking knee deep in sludge when you exit your pool. Fits 2.21 m x 1.50 m x 43 cm (87” x 59” x 17”), 2.39 m x 1.50 m x 58 cm (94” x 59” x 23”), 2.59 m x 1.70 m x 61 cm (102” x 67” x 24”) Splash Frame Pools.

Technical description:

* Durable material
* Provides extra protection for the bottom of
the pool
* Fits 2.21m x 1.50m x 43cm (7’3” x 59” x 17”)
and 2.59m x 1.70m x 61cm (8’6” x 67” x 24”)
Steel ProTM Pools
Contents: One ground cloth
Made in China